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Constant and variable speed low water pressure booster systems by Goulds Pumps, Grundfos Pumps, Leader Pumps, Little Giant Pumps, Pedrollo Pumps  and   Simer Pumps provide strong, even discharge pressure. The water pressure booster pump starts when the tap is turned on and continues running until water is not required and the tap is turned off.

These  compact, economi- cal,  booster systems are specifically designed for boosting low water pressure in municipal and well water systems, rain water collection systems, and garden and irrigation applications. 

Installation and Maintenance
All booster systems  are easy to install and have few maintenance issues. Their unique ability to respond to changing circumstances ensures a steady, reliable flow of water.

Variable Speed Units
In variable speed constant pressure systems as water use increases, the pump changes speed to keep the set line pressure constant.

Constant Speed Units 
In constant speed constant pressure systems the pump speed does not change. Inline pressure reducing valves maintain the set line pressure constant.  


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